Nice’s solid home record to be tested by Toulouse

The only reason for why Nice is still playing in the French first flight is that they were extremely successful in the games played in front of their fans. While they didn’t matter for much on the road, the team managed to win 10 times at home and those victories were enough to keep them afloat. They will need to do better in the upcoming season if they are to remain among the best French teams and no false steps are acceptable when they have home pitch advantage.

A few new players were transferred in during the season break and they got tested in a couple of friendly games, but the results were not satisfying. The fans are hoping that when these players will compete in the first official game, they will rise to the challenge and prove their worth. Toulouse is not exactly a tough opponent, but the team was considerably better than Nice last season and will not come here to defend.TFC vs OGC Nice

Cvitanich and Bosseti are the two players who extended their contracts and they will feature in the starting formation, which is hardly a surprise since they were their best scorers last year. While the midfield and defense was strengthened, there were very few worthy additions to the offensive, so very little will be different from last season. A narrow margin victory is what Nice will be aiming for, especially against team such as Toulouse who have a hard time clawing their way back in a game.

Toulouse could’ve finished a few positions above their final placement last season, as they have a decently strong offensive. Ben Yedder and Braithwaite stand out from the crowd as young and extremely promising players, with both of them scoring plenty of goals. Unfortunately, they frequently seem to be stranded upfront, as midfielders would rather support the defensive, so they need to make the most of the few scoring opportunities they’ve got.

Toulouse was quite successful when playing friendly games, but the fact that most of these matches were played in front of their fans obviously helps. Tonight they will be competing on the road against a team that knows how to transform its stadium into a fortress. The fact that they will be without Aurier, who was also a gifted striker that got traded to PSG, will further complicate matters for them offensively.

Nice is not the best team in the French championship, but they know how to take advantage of home pitch and have an impressive track record. By betting on them to win outright, punters would triple their investment, while if they take the safety of a 0:0 Asian handicap bet, they will still double the stakes. Assuming the game ends undecided, there is no reason to worry, because the bet will be fully refunded.

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