Premier League

Premier league was formed 20 February 1992. It ss the primary league in Great Britain and home to some of the worlds most famous teams such as Manchester united, Chelsea and Arsenal. The league is ranked as the strongest league in the world by UEFA however IFFHS ranks La Liga first. It has the second highest attendance in Europa after Bundesliga.

The English premier league is sponsored by Barcalys Bank and its full name is Barclays Premier League.

Premier league is home to many of the greatest players in the world and the games are watched by millions across the world. Premier league can be seen in 212 territories and has an audience of 643 million viewers making it the most-watched football league in the world.

A total of 20 teams compete in Premier league. Prior to 1995 premier league contained 22 teams but the numbers was reduced due to FIFA regulations. Premier League is a corporation in which the 20 member clubs act as shareholders. Teams are promoted and demoted to the football league. Two teams are promoted and demoted each year.

Premier league is played from August to May and a total of 380 games are played. Whit each team playing 38 games. Manchester United is the by far most successful team in the Premier league but they have during later years meet ever stiffer competition from Chelsea.

The Premier league was formed after the teams in the Football League First Division left the more than 100 year old “Football League” to form their own league, premier league. The reason they did this was to take advantage of a lucrative television rights deal. A deal that is worth £3 billion for the 2013-14 season.

Premier League champions
Season Champions
1992–93 Manchester United
1993–94 Manchester United
1994–95 Blackburn Rovers
1995–96 Manchester United
1996–97 Manchester United
1997–98 Arsenal
1998–99 Manchester United
1999–2000 Manchester United
2000–01 Manchester United
2001–02 Arsenal
2002–03 Manchester United
2003–04 Arsenal
2004–05 Chelsea
2005–06 Chelsea
2006–07 Manchester United
2007–08 Manchester United
2008–09 Manchester United
2009–10 Chelsea
2010–11 Manchester United
2011–12 Manchester City